A drilling rig crown mount system is revolutionizing onsite lighting, the HALO Crown Mount, “HCM” system has been developed and launched by a North American based company, Apollo Lighting Solutions Corp./Apollo Lighting Solutions Inc.

“In terms of site lighting safety, reducing the carbon foot print and onsite costs this lighting system is a game changer”, says Matt Gowanlock, CEO of Apollo Lighting Solutions.  “On any drilling site, engineered LED lighting equipment such as our HALO Crown Mount Lighting System is necessary when it comes in increasing safety and reducing operating costs.  The rig powered lighting system has high-efficiency LED fixtures, which drastically eliminates light pollution and floods the lease with a blanket of light while reducing fossil fuel consumption.  Offering ZERO spill potential through the removal of fuelling and servicing that comes with the use of conventional light towers.”

The HALO has been put to work on many drilling rig sites throughout Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Northern Canada.  The consensus is the same when it comes the use of this system and site safety, the “HCM” lighting system has increased the lighting quality with its 360° overall site lighting coverage and reduced risk of onsite incidents.  This system far exceeds the lighting capabilities of conventional light towers, with the illumination power equal to that of 12+ towers.  In the end conventional lighting systems simply cannot provide the same quality of site lighting the “HCM” does.  Overall site visibility, safety, and productivity have improved from the consistent brilliance of the HALO’s LED’s and onsite shadowing has reduced significantly along with relatable safety incidents. When clarity matters most, the “HCM” system is quickly becoming the industry preferred lighting method.

HALO Crown Mount System

When a HALO “HCM” is put into action on a drilling site the project savings are visible from day one. The “HCM” can easily eliminate the use of conventional light towers with its ability to bring daylight quality to a site and drive increased productivity and lower operating costs.  The patented engineered mounting system makes for a quick an efficient install.  The “HCM” will continue to save costs while increasing safety for the projects duration.

Apollo’s mission is “Lighting the way to Goal ZERO”.  Safety-Efficiency-Security

More about Apollo Lighting Solutions

Apollo is the industry leader in drilling rig and mobile lighting equipment providing the most commercially efficient, safe and environmentally conscious equipment available on the market.  We provide our clients with industry leading lighting to illuminate the entire site to safe working levels.

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