What We Do

Apollo Lighting Solutions is leading the way in drilling rig and mobile lighting equipment to provide the most commercially efficient, safe and environmentally conscious locations. We provide our clients with industry leading lighting systems to illuminate the entire site to safe working levels while providing energy saving’s to reduce costs while improving operational results. Since 2014, we’ve been investing in the development of state of the art lighting equipment, which has assisted our clients to increase site safety and security while reduce their carbon footprint and Co2 emissions. We proudly deliver the latest and most advanced energy-efficient lighting equipment for guaranteed performance.


Lighting the way to Goal ZERO

Our Mission

  • To provide commercial value to our clients
  • To increase safe working conditions on location through lighting
  • To increase site efficiency during low light conditions
  • To protect our natural environment through energy conservation and sustainable practices

Apollo Lighting Solutions has extensive experience in the development of lighting equipment for a wide variety of site projects. Our products and services include:

  • HALO CROWN MOUNT Drilling rig lighting systems – All rights reserved, Patent Pending
  • Mobile Stadium Lighting systems
  • Custom Site/Equipment Lighting

As manufacturers of the latest and most efficient lighting technologies available, Apollo Lighting Solutions can increase energy savings and reduce maintenance costs with its range of advanced products.

Who We Are

At Apollo Lighting Solutions, we are recognized as an industry leader in energy-efficient lighting equipment in North America and with passion we have developed long-term relationships with world-class companies and large-scale industries. We constantly strive for excellence to lead our industry in every aspect.

Apollo was founded by experienced specialists who have a passion for improving onsite safety through innovative lighting solutions. While safety is top priority we drive for a reductions in energy consumption in our products. Since its establishment, the company has grown steadily to design and rent the highest quality energy-efficient lighting products on the market.

Darcy Dupuis


Matt Gowanlock