20’ LED Light Tower

The Apollo 20’ LED Light Tower system can replace multiple conventional systems with high efficiency stadium lighting reducing overall cost while providing unmatched site lighting quality.

Safety Advantages

√ Drops compliant (Eng, Reviewed)
√  Rating gusting wind speed: 160 mph
√  Rated sustained wind speed: 70 mph
√ Evenly lights your lease for safer working conditions and drastically reduced shadows
√ Full 100% engineered systems (each unit is certified compliant)

Environmental Advantages

√  CO2 Reduction “Reducing Emissions”
√  Zero working fluids = Zero spill potential
√ Plug and Play systems to utilize available on-site power

Commercial Advantage

√  High efficiency stadium lighting
√  Reduces over all site lighting costs
√ Plug and Play systems to utilize available on-site power

 Engineering Advantages

√  Extended height; 21ft
√  Drops compliant (Eng, Reviewed)
√  Locking, stand alone, non-guying
√  LED Lighting: Approx. 120,000 Lumens
√  15 Amp power feed (standard receptacle)
√  Portable skid mounted; 8 x 8’ deployed footprint

√  We meet all CSA requirements for -45 steel structures
√  Fully integrated PM System to ensure proper equipment maintenance and tracking
√  Inspection criteria modeled after COADC mast inspections